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Firearms Training and Shooting Safety
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"I have taken 3 classes offered by this company. All of them expanded my knowledge and proficiency immensely. My wife and daughter have both taken the basic handgun course. Both of them went into the course a little anxious, and with training only from myself. By the end of the day the 2 of them were so enthusiastic for the training they couldn't wait to go back for more. My daughter is taking the basic course a second time shortly in preparation to take the intermediate course in the near future. The instructors are outstanding, and, very down to earth. The combined real world experience amongst these men ranges from 20 to 35+ years each. The methods and techniques taught are from first hand knowledge of the subject matter. If you own, are planning to own a weapon for any reason, I highly suggest you begin your quest here. Worth every penny, and then some!"

D. Neal

"It was an honor getting the direction I got today from such a class act group of guys. One of the best times I've had in my life. Can't thank you guys enough for your time. I'll def recommend ACI to all my friends looking for training or a concealed weapons permit certification. Thank you for today"

S. Bunch

"I want to start out by explaining my previous experience with firearms.  I have owned a firearm for over fifteen years and have had no formal instruction.  I was a range shooter where I could hit the target but mostly self taught.  Aside from friends giving pointers that was it.  Until Sunday.  From the start I felt safe in that Mike and John explained the rules of the range and instruction clearly and concisely.  In the event of a lapse in concentration where I was lamenting on a lesson and forgot to set the safety I was reminded immediately by my instructor.  These guys have an excellent handle on their subject.  I did what amounted to a double session starting with my handgun and ending the day with my AR.  

I started the day not really knowing what I wanted to learn, other than the ability and skill to protect my life and the lives of my loved ones and others in a worst case scenario.  Knowing this was a vague goal I was pleasantly surprised to find the curriculum of the class suited me and left me wanting more.  The lessons I learned that day will be practiced on my own in anticipation of the next class, which I will be taking as soon as possible. 

I want to thank you again for providing the content and venue to learn this valuable skill.  The enthusiasm you guys have for this is palpable and now I have the same.  See you soon.


C.J. Curtis"

" I could sit and listen to this group of seasoned shooters speak for days - There is no weapon topic they cannot explain."

Dr. J. Derispino

" So much better than the regular concealed class.  A lot more shooting time and doing what the instructors say vs just hearing about it." 

K. Costine

"I learned more today than 14 years in the ____y."

A. Binau