Advance Controls International Inc.

NEXT HANDGUN CLASS - March 10, 2018

ACI - Training Offered




Rifle (Carbine Tactics)

Rifle - Marksmanship with Optics

Concealed Carry Training

Class "G" Certification and Annual Recertification

Active Shooter/Workplace Violence


Emergency First Aid - CPR

Safe Church Program

Home Defense

Personal Awareness

Travel Preparation

Student leaving home preparation

Female only firearms course

Law Enforcement, Military, Security ONLY

Hostage Rescue

VIP / Dignitary protection

Sample Course Schedule:


0800-0900 Course Intro Classroom

0900-0930 Loading and Diagnostic Shooting

0930-1000 Basics- Stance, Grip, Presentation, and Firing On Command

1000-1100 Controlled Pairs and Trigger Control

1100-1200 Five Stages of The Draw


0800-0900 Multiple Targets

0900-1000 Stationary Turns

1000-1200 Hip Shooting, Rapid Pairs, Barricade Shooting, Distance Marksmanship


0800-0900 Multiple Targets with Turns

1000-1100 Shooting on the Move

1100-1200 Speed, and Emergency Reloading followed by shooting several different skills courses for time and accuracy.